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Outer Diameter 190mm, Inside Diameter 133mm Peek Pipe
    • Outer Diameter 190mm, Inside Diameter 133mm Peek Pipe
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Quick Detail:

PEEK   Tube ( Customizable )

Nameφ DφdMaterialConcentricity
1/16'' PEEK tube

1/16'' PEEK tube

1/16'' PEEK tube

1/16'' PEEK tube

1/16'' PEEK tube

1/16'' PEEK tube


1/8'' PEEK tube



1/8'' PEEK tube



Selection points

To research and develop asatisfied product,primarily,select material reasonably.the followings may be your steps:

1:Analize the applications of material:to learn the usage requirements,including product features and application conditions 

2:For application to transfer the prosperity into the prosperity of the material.Dunng the operating progress,designers should take as much experiments of material and simulation experiments as possible.

3:Material selection:once confirm the prosperity of the matenal,designers may search the material of which is suitable for the prisperity.then condense the scale of matherial which could be selected,and make sure thar there is on material that could be selected missed!

Good facility

 Good testing machine

1,Ultrasonic Detector
2,Universal testing machine with high and low temperature
3, Fusion index instrument
4,Three coordinates measuring instrument

Core advance


Our Company

      Jiangsu junhua plastic always adhere to science and technology, technological progress support scientific and technological innovation. In 2014,  We built Changzhou Wujin high-performance specialty engineering plastics engineering and technology research center. We always orient on customer demand, continuously try the implementation of PEEK application and research and development. The company has 16 patents: one slim PEEK sheet continuous extrusion production equipment; a PEEK pipe production technology and a equipment for rotor and preparation methods.

      Continuous technological innovation, we get fruitful harvest, the company in 2015 passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, and PEEK products in Jiangsu Province high-tech product certification, and by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food-grade certification, SGS (SGS) quality system certification, the European Union (EU) ROHS testing and other third-party certification.

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