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Outer Diameter 190mm Peek Pipe
    • Outer Diameter 190mm Peek Pipe
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Model NO.: PEEKMaterial: Peek

Peek Pipe
PEEK tubing

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a polymer with excellent physical and chemical properties. A peek tube is an extrusion made of PEEK. PEEK is a high-performance engineered polymer. However, the extrusion of PEEK requires advanced technology and a special extruder. We continue to develop the technologies required to produce thinner tubes, profile extrusions, polyamide tubes, and the extrusion of other engineered polymers. Please consult us for any queries you may have on this product.

Heat resistance
Continuous use is possible at high temperatures up to 260º C.

Friction resistance
The friction coefficient of PEEK tube is very low.

Chemical resistance
PEEK tube has exceptional resistance to acids, solvents, fuels, etc.

Hydrolysis resistance
PEEK tube excels in dimensional and mechanical stability at high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

Impact resistance
PEEK tube retains its toughness and strength under harsh conditions.

Flame resistance
PEEK tube has an inherent low flammability (UL: V-0).

PEEK tube is excellent for optical fiber tubing, analyzer tubing, semiconductor tubing, and medical tubing.

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